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Wrestling Greco + Freestyle + Submission

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About this class
Wrestling Greco + Freestyle + Submission

Wrestling is the key to controlling an MMA fight. Whether you've got the stand up skills or the ground skills wrestling is key to controlling where you go! We teach a variety of Wrestling including Submission, Greco and Freestyle; particularly sequences that flow with the way we fight.

But it isn't all fight; fitness, skills, patience and fun are apart of how we train too. Beginners through to competitors welcome.

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Class Location
10 Smethurst Street, Cranbourne
  • Session Times

    Monday 12pm (midday)
    Monday 7pm

    Tuesday 7pm

    Wednesday 12pm (midday)
    Wednesday 7pm

    Thursday 7pm

    Friday 12pm (midday)

  • Class Duration
    60 minutes
  • Age
    13+ Years
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